This is our campaign to clean up the environment, stop animal cruelty and help protect humanity from climate change. Our projects include: EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH CLEANING UP GARBAGE We visit several schools every week to educate students about how they can reduce pollution and the importance of environmental conservation for their health and future. We take teachers and students out to collect garbage and recyclables from the streets and in nature. In October 2018 the United Nations released a report compiled by over a hundred scientists and peer-reviewed for accuracy that imminent dangers are posed by global warming, and that catastrophic climate change may be irreversible in eleven years if humans don’t greatly reduce pollution. U.N. scientists noted that methane from livestock creates more air pollution than cars do, so they recommend people become vegetarian.


WITH ANIMAL PROTECTORS WERE GETTING COWS ONTO FARMS, FORESTS, GRASSLANDS & JUNGLES Also, we help farmers and animal sanctuaries use grazing techniques to fertilize the land, reverse desertification and recreate forests and grasslands (using Alan Savory’s techniques that he has perfected since the 1970’s. Please watch his videos!) We create and support animal sanctuaries. We build fences and barns to protect animals from traffic accidents and from dying in the cold as well as provide shade during extreme heat. We rotate cattle between farmlands and grasslands farmers and animal sanctuaries use grazing techniques to fertilize where they help to revitalize the soil and foster plant life that produces oxygen and reduces harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In Nepal, like many other countries, people burn their garbage or throw it in a river.


It pollutes the water, kills aquatic organisms and ultimately damages the oceans ( sea plankton produces the most oxygen of anything on earth and also sequesters carbon dioxide, but hundreds of tiny petroleum particles are being found in each small phytoplankton, and pollution is killing coral reefs and damaging numerous other species.) We collect plastic and recycle it or bury it, but we encourage people to use other products all together and push local governments to promote the manufacture of biodegradable plant-based plastic. This is another thing we encourage students to embrace.

Amazon - Deforestation, Cattle Farming


We are spearheaded by Julian Bliss and Indira Timilsina, Sabina Neupani. and Rammani But we are constantly getting new people from  different countries to help teach and do hands-on work. (People are really motivated to save this planet.) Bliss founded Ten millions cows Inc. ( ) back in 2013. Timilsina, an educator, has always loved animals and nature since childhood, and especially enjoys working to help children. 

Our projects are generating a lot of excitement.  When people see these students actively making the world better, many are inspired to do the same.  We visit several schools every week, and plan to teach at every school in Nepal. Then move on to other countries.

So far, we have paid for these programs out of our own pockets, but funds are almost gone.  We don’t need a lot, and we’re not paying for a CEO or any high wages. $10 a day would pay for one of our teachers or one of our animal shepherds and a few more dollars could buy medicines lumber for barns and fences, banners, gloves, garbage bags and snacks for students. Please tell your friends. If many pitch in just a little, we can do great things.

We hope you can help us help the planet. We are already making progress in Nepal. Please watch the videos of our school visits. 

Thankyou for your support and kindness,

Julian Bliss & Indira Timilsina Sabina Neopani 

Contact numbers:- +9779880981956 / 9861905100 animal hospital USA # +1530-292 3486

Three other things you can do to help:

1) Drastically reduce plastic use.

2) Reduce using fossil fuels (& encourage local government to invest in renewable energy.)

3) Eat a vegetarian diet.

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