two main reasons for CLIMATE CHANGE are...

Amazon - Deforestation, Cattle Farming

...firstly, the ever-increasing amount of farming livestock (Approx. 240 billion each year). This results in massive ongoing deforestation of rainforest, to farm cows (Photo - Amazon, Brazil) and grow fodder for livestock. Secondly, the constant growth of meat consumption in many countries worldwide creating an unsustainable demand.


A proven fact is, that FACTORY FARMING LIVESTOCK (Photo - Pig farm) is one of the largest contributors to CLIMATE CHANGE and considered to cause as much greenhouse emissions as all the transportation worldwide. Please watch movie "Cowspiracy", "Vegan prison experiment" on youtube for reasons to eat a plant-based diet.


More than 21,000 scientists and the U.N. recommend that people switch to a primarily PLANT-BASED DIET (Photo - Vegan pizza), with it's huge impact, to stop CLIMATE CHANGE. So we can greatly reduce our livestock and get these animals on unused mountains and desert lands to rebuild forests under the care of animal activists to automaticly refertilize these areas as well as farmers lands. We ALL can help to save this beautiful planet.

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