two main reasons for CLIMATE CHANGE are...


More than 21,000 scientists and the U.N. recommend that people switch to a primarily PLANT-BASED DIET (Photo - Vegan pizza), with it's huge impact, to stop CLIMATE CHANGE. So we can greatly reduce our livestock and get these animals on unused mountains and desert lands to rebuild forests under the care of animal activists to automaticly refertilize these areas as well as farmers lands. We ALL can help to save this beautiful planet.

Our COW plan for India, to successfully, honerably and perfectly relocate the street cows of to help all, but under the guidedance and managment of international activists and environmentalists. 

Please meet or talk with the President of our organization TMC INC. GAIL DARCY CARRINGTON


A proven fact is, that FACTORY FARMING LIVESTOCK (Photo - Pig farm) is one of the largest contributors to CLIMATE CHANGE and considered to cause as much greenhouse emissions as all the transportation worldwide. Please watch movie "Cowspiracy", "Vegan prison experiment" on youtube for reasons to eat a plant-based diet.

Amazon - Deforestation, Cattle Farming

...firstly, the ever-increasing amount of farming livestock (Approx. 240 billion each year). This results in massive ongoing deforestation of rainforest, to farm cows (Photo - Amazon, Brazil) and grow fodder for livestock. Secondly, the constant growth of meat consumption in many countries worldwide creating an unsustainable demand.


Subject: Rea

Dear Earth protectors
To start, many healthy cows are in your area. and cows can help the environment, air etc. Much more than you can imagine.  Maybe we could try this system in farms surrounding your place to see how you like it. It will not stress your cows. 

When cows have a choice it has been seen that they gladly move down a tunnel guided with lengths of white cloth of polyester stiched together. This systems of hearding cows was happily accepted by the cows as showen in the documentry of Temple Graden
Also we can easily convince farmers to let us bring cows to their farms if we show them short videos in Hindi such as  Raju Titus’ Natural Organic Farming then they’ll see how much better, profitable and healthier their crops will become. Ill try to send some of these videos to you shortly. 
Please look over the following happy cow solution to end street cow accidents, including ingestion of plastics. This gives the cows a useful life so all can benefit from their amazing urine and manure to fertilize and regenerate farmlands. 
Here's some estimated costs that are projected for our project of 5,000 to 10,000 cows involved in a continual migrating gau charan shala. Once proven how beneficial it can be easily duplicated.

Each day before we bring the cows to the chosen new farm, (maybe a single parent run farm) to freely fertilize with our group of cows, the manager and our workers will pick up trash and properly dispose or recycle on the road sides and around farms that our cows will soon occupy. This will keep our cows from eating any plastics or inhaling the toxic burning of polythanes.

Yes this will be like a large caravan but at least the cows will be organized and the cow protection will be transparent. Healthy cows free to eat and drink as nature intended while benefiting mankind with their wonderful ability to fertilize land. This could be run with minimal costs by taking some fodder from your gaushal and directly feed the cows on your neighbours land and simultaniously fertilize their lands and reduce 70% or more on mess of urine and dung on your placce. Jay Radhe

30k Rupees per month manager 40k 2 Animal Dr's 20k per month30k 1 Animal rights activist per month200k rupees 20 workers 10 thousand rupees each per month

16 Animal Herders and plastic /trash recyclers, preferably half homless                  people.            1 farm scout/mechanic to organize next days and months of planned grazing                       fields.           1 cooks            1 Mechanic, (for security and to avoid loneliness  people should be in groups of at                   least 2 persons or more of                  compatible individuals). 
   6 lakh per month food, supplies and all workers!A possible 78 lakh cap per month to maintain this gaucharan shala system. As some farmers will want to be paid for our cows to eat the farmers crops or we may have to purchaae feed to bring to the farmers land if gaushals do not want to supply our cows with free fooder or shelter.    The following are 1 time expenses:

  20 lakh 2 large pandal tents,                           15 lakhs steel casings and steel poles for.           tents to protect the poles from colapsing the tent.  25 Lakhs small Dairy truck, each calf.                  needs about 4.5 quart of milk a day100 lakhs 2 water trucks 36,000 litters filled daily with water 40 Lakhs AC bus with recliner sleeping                seats for our workers. 30k rupees 5 small 5 person tents30k rupees installed Water filtration system on the back of one of the water trucks. 1 lakh Mobile white fence or electric fencing system from New Zeland fencing and poles to fence 2 acres of land as some farms have little fencing. 50k rupees for 5 “10 train custom feeders” that can be hand pulled

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